This fall we will be launching four small groups.  These groups will meet for 8 weeks starting the week of September 28th.  Each group will have 8-12 people and will meet for 1-1.5 hours each week.  The meetings will interactive and include discussion and videos.  Teens and adults are encouraged to sign up!

The topic for this fall is discovering how God has uniquely created you and wants to use youThe groups will be exploring how God has given each believer spiritual gifts, passions, and experiences to serve others.  As we discover how God has uniquely created us, we will see how and where God wants to use us.  Each group member will be reading the book, “What You Do Best in the Body of Christ” and completing various assessments.  It will be a journey of discovery!

Please reach out to Pastor Eric if you have any questions.

Right now we have five options for groups:
1. Fridays @ 6:15am: in-person at the church
2. Sundays @ 9:00am: in-person at the church
3. Wednesdays @ 10am (women only): via Zoom
4. Thursdays @ 8:30pm: via Zoom
5. Young Adults Small Group (20-somethings) Day/Time TBA

Click here to sign up!

Resources for “What You Do Best in the Body of Christ”

Chapters 1&2 (in case you don’t have a book yet)
Spiritual Gifts Assessment (XLS Format so you don’t have to do Math)
All Servant Profile Assessments (PDF)

Reading Schedule (click here for a printable pdf)
Week 1 (9/28-10/4)
Does God Have a Purpose for My Life—Really?
Who Does God Say That I Am?
Week 2 (10/5-11)
What’s the Big Deal about Spiritual Gifts?
Week 3 (10/12-18)
What Are My Spiritual Gifts?
Week 4 (10/19-25)
How Do I Relate with My Personal Style?
Week 5 (10/26-11/1)
Where Is My Passion?
Week 6 (11/2-8)
How Do the Pieces Fit Together?
The Heart of the Matter!
Week 7 (11/9-15)
So What’s My Next Step?
Week 8 (11/16-22)
Pull Up Stakes and Follow Him!