Middle – High School Students

Middle – High School Students

“Youth ministry at GCC means investing in the lives of our youth, and creating an environment where they can truly know Jesus Christ and the good news of salvation through him. It is difficult being young and being a follower of Christ. 

Our goal for the youth in GCC and in Marblehead is that they would come into a saving relationship with Christ, and to encourage and push them to spiritual maturity. Our hope is that they may be able to face challenges in life in a Christ-like way, and live a life that is set apart for God. We hope that the youth would be a light and witness for Christ to all those around them.

It is important to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders, and the youth are the future of the Church. God has been working in the lives of our youth. They have a desire to reach their friends and others with the good news of Jesus. It is encouraging to see this and to see where how God will continue to work in their lives.” – Larry Torres, Former Pastoral Intern

Young Life in Marblehead, MA

We also partner with Young Life’s work on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Young Life operates as a ministry of presence in the lives of middle and high school kids. Staff and volunteers are passionate about loving kids regardless of their response to the Gospel.

For more information and ways to get involved visit Young Life’s site here.