Finding Your Fit

Finding Your Fit

We want to help everyone at Grace Community Church grow in their relationship with God and give them opportunities to give back to the church.  If you are interested in serving at GCC, you may use the resources below to find out how God has uniquely made you and where he might want to use you here.

These resources come from a program called Network.  Network is a course that helps you discover your spiritual gifts, personal style, and God-given passion for serving in the body of Christ.  The result of the course is your own personal blueprint that will reveal where you will most effectively and serve.  This blueprint is called a “servant profile.”  Knowing your servant profile will show you where to engage in the church in a fulfilling way.


(after you have worked through the resources below)

Resources for “What You Do Best in the Body of Christ”

Spiritual Gifts Assessment (XLS Format so you don’t have to do Math)
All Servant Profile Assessments (spiritual gifts, personal style, and passion)  (PDF)
Spiritual Gifts Catalog with descriptions and Bible references (pdf)
Servant Profile (PDF)
Finding Your Fit at GCC (PDF)

Reading Schedule (click here for a printable pdf)5
Week 1 (9/28-10/4)
Does God Have a Purpose for My Life—Really?
Who Does God Say That I Am?
Week 2 (10/5-11)
What’s the Big Deal about Spiritual Gifts?
Week 3 (10/12-18)
What Are My Spiritual Gifts?
Assignment: Spiritual Gifts Experience Assessment
Week 4 (10/19-25)
How Do I Relate with My Personal Style?
Assignment: Personal Style Inventory
Week 5 (10/26-11/1)
Where Is My Passion?
Assignment: Passion Indicators
Week 6 (11/2-8)
How Do the Pieces Fit Together?
Week 7 (11/9-15)
The Heart of the Matter!
Week 8 (11/16-22)
So What’s My Next Step?
Pull Up Stakes and Follow Him!